No-code software for bringing smart devices to Internet and Market

Turn your unique ideas into
professional IoT solutions easily and fast

2Smart Cloud Platform

A practical toolkit for building smart devices. Use our ready-made solutions as a framework to drastically reduce your IoT applications and infrastructure development costs.

Ready-made tools for creating a smart device

Focus on your product, we help with
the rest

Configuration of the device firmware
Evaluating the device in a test environment
Mobile app interface constructor

Create your custom mobile app using our widget library in a matter of minutes.

Drag-and-drop mobile app builder

Manage dozens of different products from a single comprehensive dashboard.

Simple Product Management

All communications with and within the platform are TLS encrypted. You can sleep well without being concerned about your sensitive data.

Secure infrastructure

Improve the device at the support stage

Health tracking and statistics analysis
Expansion of functionality at the stage of support

Seamlessly deliver new firmware versions and mobile applications updates with the help of break-proof over-the-air updates.

Safely expand functionality

Collect telemetry from your IoT devices, use analytics to monitor their performance, and gather actionable insights to enhance your product.

Track health

What your customers get
A single user-friendly mobile application
for controlling a fleet of connected devices.
Device control methods
Ability to make up unique voice commands to control devices via Siri and Google Assistant.
Device control methods
Telegram bot for controlling and receiving instant notifications from any device connected.
Device control methods
Ability to turn on and off connected devices via phone calls. Even a grandma without a smartphone could use the smart features of your product.
Device control methods
Sharing device controls by email or a simple link in literally three clicks.
Device control methods
Stable operating and developing software with constant updates.
Device control methods
Convert your DIY device into a commercial product
Products powered by 2Smart
Key achievements:
Smartheat pumps
Industrial Heat Pumps Enhancement
Controller Propuskator
Key achievements:
Custom ACS Development
Implemented remote control functionality.
Reduced support and maintenance costs.
Implemented all changes in a short amount of time without breaking the bank.
Designed a controller for remote control of access points.
Wrote firmware for the controller.
Developed a web application for ACS administration and a mobile application for users.
Conducted a business analysis of the market as well as recommendations for positioning the final product.

Additional services

Development in both the firmware and applications

Infrastructure support
Infrastructure support, including private cloud
Mobile and web applications
Mobile and web applications
AliExperss market entry
Help with accessing AliExpress
Quality control and user support
Quality control and user support
Prototyping and mass production of devices
Device manufacturing
Creating custom firmware
Custom firmware

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