Mariana Zozulia
Mariana Zozulia
QA Engineer at 2Smart
Kyiv, Ukraine Ukraine
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Mariana Zozulia

QA Engineer at 2Smart

Mariana grew up as a QA Engineer at WebbyLab, one of whose independent projects is 2Smart. There she was involved in projects such as an online store, a b2b portal for selling devices, technical equipment, and a software application for the investment of money.

After working at the parent company for over a year, Mariana joined 2Smart in April 2021. In our team, she is responsible for the quality of all functionality of the platform and products based on it. Mariana’s essential task is to ensure that end users get their hands on a flawlessly working device and software without bugs.

Mariana’s tasks include:

  • Functionality testing using sensors of smart devices, Siri and Google Assistant, Telegram bot, Google Home, reading and understanding logs of the services.
  • API request testing using Swagger UI, and Postman, participating in the demo of the new functionality from developers, and requirement testing.
  • Smart device testing using Raspberry microcomputer and ESP32 microcontrollers.
  • Writing technical documentation and changelogs.

Mariana is a software engineer by her education. She received her Master’s degree in this direction at the National Aviation University in Kyiv.

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