Comprehensive software for any scale

Enterprise business

Save time and money on creating an IoT infrastructure from scratch. Gain unlimited flexibility with a ready-made IoT development platform and expert support.


Prototype and pivot your product with no overspending. Get an all-in-one environment for your business launch, development, and further scaling.


Connect your smart devices to the internet and build a mobile app in a few hours. Test your products in public for free and simplify your routine using an innovative digital suite.

A robust IoT platform and custom services for bringing smart devices to the internet and market

Any MCU with internet access like ESP32

No-code mobile builder and web app

Over-the-air device updates

Google Home and Siri integrations

Cloud with IoT-specific security

White-label apps

Mobile and web app white labeling

App UI updates without re-publish

Custom analytic dashboards

Private server in your region

Tailor-made software and hardware

1. Prototype

2. Launch

3. Support

4. Scale

No-code mobile app builder with 30+ widgets

Handy remote management advantages

 of an IoT device development platform with your branding

For end-users
For a team and partners
For end-users
  • Mobile and web apps
  • Effortless Wi-Fi pairing
  • Device control via Siri, Google Home, Telegram, phone calls, and browsers
  • Boundless integrations via IFTTT
  • In-app push notifications with redirection option to messengers such as Telegram, Slack, and WhatsApp.
For a team and partners
  • Unlimited sub-organizations with flexible access setting
  • Role management
  • End-user management and analytics
  • Device remote maintenance
  • Separate tools for developers and business managers

 Why companies from different industries choose us

Both software and hardware emphasis

Our experts can help with custom firmware and app development, device concepting, prototyping, and production.

Individual support from professionals

We share our deep domain tech and business knowledge with you, and we’re open to custom solution development.

A one-stop super flexible solution

We cover most of your company’s needs regardless of the size, niche, or business model, freeing you from needing to hire developers.

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