A platform with a set of ready-made solutions for bringing IoT devices to market

From idea to commercial product

What you get

Ready-made tools for creating a smart device. Do you have an idea for a device? We will help you implement it—assembling compatible firmware, setting up a mobile application, and bringing the device to the market.

Optimize your resources during the development phase

Use the drag-and-drop builder and widget library for flexible customization of the finished mobile application for your device.

Drag-and-drop constructor

Choose from the recommended microcontrollers, then build and download firmware to your device using a ready-made tool.

Firmware in 10 minutes

Use a dedicated pre-product testing environment to evaluate smartphone interaction with your prototype.

Evaluation through the eyes of the user

Improve the ready device at the support stage

Improve the firmware and display of devices in the mobile application and optimize the operation of devices in a few clicks thanks to updates via the cloud.

Expand functionality

Use powerful analytics tools and track how your IoT devices are performing in tables and graphs.

Track performance

What your customers get
All device control methods are available out of the box.
free phone calls.
Telegram bot;
voice commands (Google Assistant, Siri);
mobile app;
Modern ways to control a smart device:
The ability to share access with other users in just a few clicks.
Stable operating software for the device with the ability to update via the cloud at the right time.
One mobile application for many devices from different vendors. The ability to create and customize your own ecosystem for smart devices.

Additional services

We will help with the development, production and promotion of your product

Infrastructure support, including private cloud
Mobile and web applications
Help with accessing AliExpress
Quality control and user support
Prototyping and mass production of devices
Creating custom firmware

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How it works

Come up with an idea for a smart device—we will help you bring it to life.



Development and testing

Use out-of-the-box tools to create a working prototype. Test the device in a test environment.


Place the finished product in the 2Smart Cloud catalog for your customers to use it.


Expand the functionality of the sold devices, and update the interface of the mobile application and the firmware for your devices via the cloud.

Test the functionality using a virtual device as an example!

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