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Choose a custom solution for your business objectives.
Create your smart product, enter the IoT industry and gain the competitive edge.
Device manufacturers
Hardware manufacturers
Make use of our platform tools for quick market release.
IoT startups
IoT Startups
2Smart IDE for the firmware development
Mobile app builder
Telemetry collection and analysis
Over the air updates tool
 PCB designed by 2Smart
Production ready IoT device
 Establishing mass production, quality controls and logistics
2Smart IDE for the firmware development
Designing and developing mobile and web applications
 Listing on AliExpress
Success Stories with our Partners
Key achievements:
Smartheat pumps
Industrial Heat Pumps Enhancement
Controller Propuskator
Key achievements:
Custom ACS Development
Implemented remote control functionality.
Reduced support and maintenance costs.
Implemented all changes in a short amount of time without breaking the bank.
Designed a controller for remote control of access points.
Wrote firmware for the controller.
Developed a web application for ACS administration and a mobile application for users.
Conducted a business analysis of the market as well as recommendations for positioning the final product.
Choose your solution
Create your own IoT device by utilizing the 2Smart Cloud toolkit.
Adding the product to the 2Smart Cloud catalog.
Tools for creating and maintaining devices.
Mobile application builder.
Get professional support from the 2Smart team when building or refining your product.
Creating a branded white-label mobile application.
Writing firmware for a device or equipment.
Converting a concept into a finished product.
Share your business aspirations and we will offer the most effective solution.
Support and consulting at all stages.
Private cloud infrastructure.
Prototyping, creating an IoT device and launching mass production.
IoT expertise for solving your problems.
Development of firmware, mobile, and web applications.
IoT solutions for business
Tell us about your goals and we will offer an effective solution.
Looking for an IoT solution for your business?

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