Integration with external services using IFTTT can greatly improve your user experience. Even simple free applets provide amazing features, which we show you below.

1. Controlling the device with a button widget on a smartphone

Simple but helpful automation is using a button widget on your smartphone. You can turn on or turn off a device (for example, a lamp) and switch its operation mode with one click without launching the 2Smart Cloud mobile application. If you are using the Propuskator Access Controller, you can even open a door or gate in your home with this button.

2. Automatic nightlight

A nightlight in a child’s room, LED lighting for a staircase or a hallway – it’s convenient if they turn on automatically at sunset and turn off at dawn. Integration with the Weather Underground service allows you to set up such automation for a smart lamp and LED backlight controlled by a 2Smart Cloud controller. Just specify your location so that the weather service can accurately determine the time of sunset and sunrise.

3. Turn devices on or off on a schedule

You can set the device to turn on, turn off or switch its operating mode according to a strictly defined schedule. For example, you can avoid having a nightlight run all night until dawn if it is not required. Set the lamp to turn on at sunset and turn off at midnight.

4. Turning the device on when you return home

Any 2Smart Cloud devices can automatically turn on when you return home. Apart from devices based on the platform, it can be anything if you use a smart relay with 2Smart Cloud firmware — for example, a heater in your bedroom or a floor lamp in the living room.

There are two options for configuring this automation. The first is location-based automation. The second is when your Android smartphone connects to your home Wi-Fi network. Choose the one you like best. Accordingly, you can also automate turning off the same devices when you leave home.

5. Tracking the ISS with a smart lamp

The International Space Station occasionally flies over our heads, but we don’t always know about it. At the same time, you can see it with the naked eye if the flight occurs at the right time of day and in good weather. To avoid missing this moment, set up your 2Smart Cloud lamp so that its mode of operation changes when the ISS passes over your head. For example, it can be the Disco mode, which attracts attention with its bright flicker.

As you can see, integrations you can configure in 5 minutes make using smart devices even more comfortable. So, in the end, the quality of your life also improves!

If you are developing Internet of Things devices, you may be interested in learning more about the IoT platform integration capabilities in 2Smart.

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