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EMQX updated to version 5.0

2Smart Cloud uses the open-source MQTT broker EMQX. The development team of this solution released the stable version 5.0 in July 2023, which our platform switched to in this release.

The latest version of EMQX includes many of the newest features, detailed in the developer’s blog. Key among them is that the broker now supports up to 100 million concurrent device connections by using the latest Mria extension for Erlang’s Mnesia database. The Mria architecture allows for greater horizontal scalability and adaptability to increasing demand in IoT networks.

The update also includes improved security management, the world’s first implementation of MQTT over QUIC, bidirectional data flow through a more powerful rule engine, and a more intuitive user experience.

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Complete list of updates from August 14, 2023


  • Upgrade the EMQX version to v5.0.

Minor improvements:

  • Resizing the title and MCU columns on the product page in the vendor panel
  • An error is displayed in the “Enum list” widget when dynamically changing the $format sensor.

Fixed bugs:

  • The “Conditional button” is clickable/active on the vendor panel emulator after turning off the device.
  • The new data isn’t shown in the “Number” widget after entering a new value.
  • If the “with timelines” setting is turned off, the user has the option to open charts in the number widget on web pages.
  • Incorrect display of the historical data on graphs.

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