The solution described below is an admin panel for businesses that use IoT devices in their internal business processes or to provide services to customers. The software is suitable for holding, franchise companies, etc. The parent Company can add subsidiaries to the system, which may also have its own subsidiaries, etc. In total, the nested structure of Companies provides for seven levels with an unlimited number of Companies at each level, except for the top (which consists of one Main Company).

The admin panel provides the functionality of flexible permission settings for Users and the creation of an almost unlimited number of Roles: from the end user, who can only use the device's functionality, to the Super Admin with unlimited permissions, including unique ones. System Users can register themselves, or administrators can register them.

End users can use mobile and web applications to manage devices. Administrators with particular permissions can manage other Users' devices without access to their accounts.

The admin panel also provides all the necessary functionality for creating, configuring, and maintaining IoT devices.

WEB Dashboard

Platform description

The administrative panel enables administrators to manage the main entities of the platform: Devices, Users, Companies, Roles, etc., they have access to.

Main platform abstractions

  • Users – any members in the system; the User can be a person who bought a device for personal use, a person who intends to use the device in a public space, a representative of an intermediary Company, an administrator of any level, or a developer.
  • Companies – an entity that represents organizations participating in the system.
  • Roles – an entity that describes the set of accesses and permissions that will be available to Users.
  • Participations – an entity that describes the Role of a specific User in a particular Company. The same User may have different Roles in different Companies, all of which are defined using multiple Participations;
  • Device ID – identifier of a specific device in the system. The ID of each connected device is unique.

Main platform abstractions

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