White label web app branding checklist

White label web app branding

Please provide the 2Smart team with the following materials and info to brand a web application for your company within the white-label model.

Please note that the 2Smart team can take care of most of the steps below for an additional fee.

1. Branding materials

1.1. Brand book or color palette

  • Sidebar color;
  • 6 shades of the main colors of the platform, from light to dark.

Example of 2Smart Cloud color palette:

Example of 2Smart Cloud color palette

1.2. Logos and favicons

  • Dark logo (should be clearly visible on the white background of the platform authorization form).
  • Logo in SVG format.
  • Optional: the generated set of favicons.

1.3. Titles to display in the browser tab title for vendor and admin panels

Titles of all sections of the admin panels are set manually. You can use any options - for example, "Section Name - Brand" or any other logic of the title text.

Recommended length: up to 80 characters.

2. Supported languages list

By default, the web application is only available in English. If you need localization into another language, we will provide you with a file with the text content of applications, which you will need to translate.

Localization into more than one additional language is subject to agreement.

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