White label mobile app publishing checklist

In order for your customers to be able to install and use a mobile application, it must be published in the official App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) markets.

The requirements that must be met to publish an application may differ in two app markets. However, in any case, you will need to register a developer account, provide the required information and go through the necessary app verification procedures.

Please note that the 2Smart team can take care of most of the steps below for an additional fee.

1. Developer accounts in AppStore and Google Play

You can use both the option of publishing a mobile app in the AppStore and Google Play marketplaces from 2Smart developer accounts or your company accounts.

You must create developer accounts to publish your application in the App Store and Google Play marketplaces on your own. Please note that enrolling a new account on these platforms can take time.

Also, note that this type of account is paid. You can find an up-to-date description of developer programs and pricing at the following links:

2. Test account for Apple and Google employees

A test account is required for Apple and Google employees to test your application. You need to provide a username and password employees can use to sign in to your app to review its features. If users sign in using social media, please provide information for account employees can use. Credentials must be valid and active for the duration of the review.

Please note the following account requirements:

  • At least one device must be linked to the account.
  • The device dashboard should match what was shown in the Video for Apple review.
  • You need to provide a username and password for your account.

3. App markets requirements

3.1. Short app description

Length: up to 80 characters.

The short description should mention the key features of your application or device. It is recommended to include target keywords in it.

3.2. Full app description

Length: up to 4000 characters.

This is a complete description of the mobile application, revealing its functions and capabilities. You can describe your project in detail here and provide use cases.

3.3. Keywords

Length: up to 100 characters.

One or more keywords that describe the app and help users find it in the application store.

3.4. Website URL

Apple and Google policies require you to provide a company's website URL for publishing your app to the App Store and Google Play. If your company does not have an official website, you can create at least a business card website or a simple landing page.

3.5. Privacy Policy URL and the Privacy Policy text

Add the “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” to your company website as separate pages. Links to these documents must be provided to the application markets, this is a mandatory requirement.

3.6. Picture for description and icon (Google Play)

App icon must be in PNG or JPEG format and with a resolution of 512x512 px.

Picture for description must be in PNG or JPEG format and with a resolution of 1024x500 px (no more than 15 Mb).

3.7. App Screenshots

Screenshots of the application are placed in its description in the app store. The Apple and Google app stores have different requirements for screenshots. You need to complete them all if you plan to publish your app on both stores.

Google Play requirements:

  • Set must contain from 2 to 8 screenshots.
  • Format: JPEG or 24-bit PNG.
  • Transparency: not allowed.
  • Minimum size: 320px.
  • Maximum size: 3840px.
  • Screenshot's maximum dimension can't be twice as long as the minimum dimension.

App Store requirements:

  • Set must contain up to 5 screenshots taken on screens with different resolutions.
  • Transparency: not allowed.

3.8. Video for Apple Review

Apple requires you to demonstrate the workability of your IoT device and mobile application. To do this, you need to record a video that will not fall into the public and will be only used by Apple employees at the Review stage.

Please note the following video requirements:

  • no video editing or screen recording is allowed,
  • you must position your iOS device in the frame with an installed application with which you control the IoT device.

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