What is a Homie Convention

The 2Smart Cloud platform uses the Homie convention, which defines a standardized way of how IoT devices and services announce themselves and their data on the MQTT broker. The Homie convention is thereby a crucial aspect on top of the MQTT protocol for automatic discovery, configuration, and usage of devices and services.

The main feature of the Homie convention is that it does not operate on device types and related topics. Instead, only topic types apply:

  • string,
  • integer,
  • float,
  • percent,
  • boolean,
  • enum,
  • color,
  • datetime,
  • duration.

When configuring the interface of the 2Smart Cloud mobile application, widgets are used. Each of the widgets is designed to work with topics of one or several types (for more details, see the help).

More details about the Homie Convention are in the official description.

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